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Toptank is a consultancy agency specialized in simulation and tank terminal logistics. Toptank has developed a unique generic tank terminal simulator to support the optimization of tank terminal infrastructure and logistics.

Hugo Huges

Toptank is a one-man business managed by Hugo Huges.

Hugo Huges has extensive experience in ports and terminals starting at Delft University where he graduated in Transportation Technology at the container terminal of ECT.

Working as a consultant or projectmanager for Tebodin for 10 years, Hugo learned all about the logistics of ports, tank terminals and simulations. During his 4 years with Vopak, the world leader in tank terminals, he learned all about the drive, control, operations, investments and costs of tank terminals. Attached you can download his CV.

All this knowledge and experience has now been brought together in a generic simulation model for tank terminals. With the understanding of using the right KPI’s at the right moment, this simulation model is a powerful tool to enhance the performance of terminals and at the same time save investments and costs. This tool has now successfully been applied at multiple tank terminals (see portfolio).

Hugo has started Toptank in 2011. Hugo works on his own from his office in Delft, the Netherlands, but is backed by Systems Navigator, a company in Delft specialized in simulations and modeling.

Click here to download the resume of Hugo Huges.