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June 26, 2013 at 10:00 am | Announcement, Blog | No comment


Toptank is a consultancy agency specialized in simulation and tank terminal logistics. Toptank has developed a unique generic tank terminal simulator to support the optimization of  tank terminal infrastructure and logistics.

With this tool Toptank can build and test a new or existing terminal within 2 weeks. The power of the tool is that within this very short period a terminal can be simulated in great detail. Conclusions on the logistics of the terminal can therefore be even on equipment level.

After building and testing the model, the model can on request be handed over to the terminal. The terminal itself will than be able to test different scenarios to improve the terminal. The past 3 years the generic tank terminal simulator has successfully been applied for optimizing  a vast variety of tank terminals that mainly store oil and oil products.

Recently TopTank also developed a generic terminal simulator for chemical tank terminals. The major difference between oil and chemical terminals is the number of parcels per ship (or truck or train). Chemical terminals require a more complex scheduling and reservation mechanism for berths and infrastructure.

The general usage of this tool is the same as the “oil tool”: Results can be presented on equipment level and a terminal can be modeled and validated within 2 weeks.

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