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My portfolio, the latest and greatest work.

Odfjell Le Havre (2013/2014)


Odfjell intends to build a greenfield chemical tank terminal in Le Havre and has already an option on the lease of the land. Before the start of the Basic Design, Odfjell would like to assess a number of principal decisions in the conceptual design concerning the major assets of the terminal. In this stage of [...]

Vopak Deer Park, USA (2013/2014)


The Vopak Deer Park West inland and marine site were purchased in December 2011. The inland site will be developed as a Unit train transshipment and pipeline distribution facility and the marine site will be developed for gas and possibly some chemical storage. The marine site will provide marine facilities to service both sites. “Project [...]

Nova terminals (2013/2014)


Nova Terminals (former Argos Terminals) is expanding rapidly and still has much space for expansion. The design of the present expansion (Fase 6.1) has been assessed with the generic terminal simulator and some small modifications to the design have led to a major improvement of the capacity of the terminal and service to the customers. [...]

Vopak Botlek area (2013/2014)


  In the 2020 Masterplan the 3 terminals (Botlek-Zuid, Chemiehaven, TTR) will reshuffle products and customers, increase the number of berths and change infrastructure. Moreover Vopak plans to interconnect the terminals with pipelines in order to be able to use berths of another terminal when berths are occupied. The recently developed generic simulator of chemical [...]

Botlek Tank Terminal (2011-2012)


HES Beheer N.V. is developing a liquid terminal for the import of various types of liquids on the location of the former Maassilo grain terminal in the Rotterdam Botlek area. The new terminal will be partly constructed on land which will be reclaimed from the Botlek basin and consists of storage tanks, truck and train [...]

Vopak Horizon Fujairah / VHFL (2002-2012)


VHFL is growing very fast. To be able to handle this extra need for storage and throughput, VHFL is building extra tanks and infrastructure. At the same time VHFL is designing the required future expansions. With the help of the terminal simulator is determined which facilities and infrastructure should be present in what phase. Experiments [...]

ETA Amsterdam (2011-2013)


ETA is a relatively old terminal, built in the 1950’s. VTTI has acquired the terminal in 2006. Since then VTTI has been constantly modernizing the terminal by demolishing, refurbishing and new construction. TopTank modeled the terminal and assisted in assessing a few future configurations of the terminal. ETA has bought the model. The terminal simulator [...]

Vopak Terminal Europoort (2005-2014)


Vopak Terminal Europoort is a large terminal (4 million cbm) with a long history (since 1960). As a result the infrastructure of the terminal is complex and it is difficult to optimize the usage of equipment to decrease the waiting times of the vessels. The generic terminal simulator has been used in several occasions to [...]

BASF Ludwigshafen (2012)


In cooperation with Tebodin and Talke, TopTank used the terminal simulator to perform a logistic optimization study for BASF. The study resulted in optimal number of silo’s and dimensions of the logistic warehouse for dry bulk.

Vopak Terminal Westpoort (2010-2013)


Vopak Terminal Westpoort is a Greenfield terminal that operations in 2012. The design of the terminal has been tested and optimized with the generic terminal simulator. The simulator showed that the capacity of the infrastructure (headers, pumps and jettylines) is sufficient but that the berthing facilities for the bigger vessels should be expanded.