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The past 4 years the generic tank terminal simulator has successfully been applied for optimizing  a vast variety of tank terminals that mainly store oil and oil products.

Recently TopTank also developed a generic terminal simulator for chemical tank terminals. The major difference between oil and chemical terminals is the number of parcels per ship (or truck or train). Chemical terminals require a more complex scheduling and reservation mechanism for berths and infrastructure. The tool has already been used to model a Shell truck terminal, to assess the 2020 Masterplan of the 3 Vopak Botlek terminals and to assist in the conceptual design of the Odfjell greenfield terminal in Le Havre.

The general usage of this tool is the same as the “oil tool”: Results can be presented on equipment level and a terminal can be modeled and validated within 2 weeks.

Like the “old” simulator this new tool can be operated by anyone in the cloud or on the PC. Adjusting the model to specific requirements (other than standard in the generic tool) can be done without much effort because the design is transparent and modular.

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