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The reasons for a tank terminal to use the services of TOPTANK may be:

1. Improve the design of new terminals. Find bottlenecks and solve them;

2. Test changes in existing oil terminals:

3. Test future contract details. Make sure that you can satisfy the contractual obligations. Assess what it costs you to comply to the contract details;

4. Test future service levels. How easily can the terminal comply with the agreed service levels?

5. Convince stakeholders. Animation and statistical analysing tools justify the decision for change to stakeholders.


The activities performed by TOPTANK on request of tank terminals are:

Optimize the design of new tankterminals or of expansions of existing tankterminals:

Evaluate the impact of changes on existing terminals:

Time and costs

As the model has been made generic, the building of a new model of a terminal will only take about 2 weeks when the required minimum information is available.

Changing the model to test another scenario of the same terminal will normally not take more than a few hours. Running scenarios takes approximately 1 hour per scenario. The discussion on and the determination of a new scenario takes normally the most time.

Typically the total duration for a new project may be built up like:

Activity Duration (weeks) Budget (days)
1 Kick off meeting 0.5 1
2 Data collection / analysis 1 2
3 Building model 1 3
4 Validation and sensitivity analysis 1 3
5 Report + scenario suggestion 0.5 2
6 Run and finalize scenarios 1 2
7 Report + presentation on findings 1 3
8 Total 6 16

The time within the duration can not be completely spent on the activities as there is time required for retrieving information and discussions. About half the time of the duration can be spent effectively on the simulation (budget time).

TopTank always strives for all-in fixed price proposals but the hourly rate of Hugo Huges is 135,- Euros.

The rates include normal travel expenses within the Netherlands and are exclusive VAT.

Terminals can experiment themselves with the model that has been built of their terminal. The costs for license for the input output interface (Scenario Navigator) are 1,000 Euros per year (1 user). The costs for the license of using the model depend on the degree of the potential capacity of the model that will be installed.


TopTank delivers the following services:

  1. Consultancy: TopTank models the terminal, validates the model, runs scenarios, produces a report with suggestions on terminal improvements;
  2. Sale: TopTank sells the model. The model will be installed locally on a PC with the customer (or bought by TopTank). The costs for licenses etc. is paid in one time (this will include the helpdesk for the first year).

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