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1. Dynamic simulation in general

A generic model of a tank terminal has been built with specialized software called “Arena”. This software is used to model and simulate all kinds of discrete processes. As the objects defined within the model interact dynamically, the simulation reflects reality very well. Entities arrive in queues and waiting times are recorded.

Within the generic model for terminals vessels (barges, trains and trucks) arrive according to a predefined schedule or stochastic arrival process. These vessels occupy equipment (tanks, jetties, jettylines, connection lines, headers and pumps) that are necessary to fulfil their objective: loading or discharging a certain amount of product to a certain tank of a certain customer. When occupied, this equipment can not be used by other vessels, thus creating queues and waiting times. The waiting times and turnaround times of the MOT (Modes of Transport) are the main KPI’s of the terminal. Occupancy rates of all equipment are recorded.

pic of process of vessel

2.    Tank Terminal Simulator



The objectives of using a simulation model for tank terminals are:

Improve the design of new terminals:

Test the impact of changes in existing oil terminals, for example:

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