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Nova Terminals (former Argos Terminals) is expanding rapidly and still has much space for expansion. The design of the present expansion (Fase 6.1) has been assessed with the generic terminal simulator and some small modifications to the design have led to a major improvement of the capacity of the terminal and service to the customers.

The terminal services different customers. Tanks, pipeline infrastructure and jetties are at the moment mostly customer and product dedicated. Jetty capacity is divided amongst customers with a “points-system”. This results in an inefficient use of infrastructure and jetty capacity and relatively high waiting times for vessels.

When the terminal and its throughput expands, the vessel waiting times will increase when no measures are taken. Assessment with simulation revealed the existing and future bottlenecks on the terminal.

In the most recent simulations with the generic terminal simulator it has been tested what the maximum capacity of the waterfront of the terminal would be if all the landside bottlenecks would have been solved.

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